What/Who Inspires Me...♥

things that inspire me...

everyone influences me, everything that happens in life some how influences me to write songs, for example life experiences and ups and downs everything i do influences me to write a song and the feelings and emotions :) everywhere I go I'm always getting inspired by people. 2 of my biggest Inspirations are Karen David and Katherine Jenkins. Katherine was the first opera singer I ever Listened to, she is the whole reason I started Singing Opera. My first Opera Song being Time To Say Goodbye, and Karen because she is such a good, down to earth lovely person! Amazingly talented, and inspired me to start writing my own songs. 

people who inspire me... 
♥Karen David
♥ Iman 
♥ Mark Hole
♥ Katie Piper 
♥ Katherine Jenkins
♥ Miley Cyrus  
♥ Birdie ♥ Christina Perri 
♥ Pavarotti 
♥ Demi Lovato
♥ Selena Gomez
♥ The Wanted
♥ Cheryl Cole 
♥ Leona Lewis
♥ The Saturdays
♥ Beyonce
♥ Rihanna
♥ Nickii Minaj